Mrs. Long 

What’s GRO? 

The Parsippany-Troy Hills Township Schools gifted program is called Gifted Reach Out, known as GRO. It serves the identified population of gifted students in grades two through five. This enrichment pullout program offers students the chance to interact with peers of similar ability, while remaining a part of the regular classroom setting. Once admitted into the program, the students meet with the GRO teacher for small group instruction. These groups provide the opportunity for the gifted child to interact with, stimulate and be stimulated by his/her peers, while enjoying individual or small group attention. 

GRO encourages independent learning, research, and individual product development. Creative problem solving and critical thinking skills are stressed. Students are challenged to become consumers and producers of knowledge. Students are exposed to new subjects with the intent to broaden their interests and enhance their present grade level core curriculum based upon student interest. The GRO program provides enrichment for students who have demonstrated high academic abilities. The work is above grade level and is rigorous. Children are expected to fulfill their regular classroom and GRO proficiencies during the year. 

Program Features 

  • • Differentiated Instruction 
  • • Accelerated or advanced content 
  • More complex understandings of generalizations, principles, theories, and the structure of the content area 
  • Abstract concepts and thought processes or skills 
  • Appropriation of longer/shorter time span for learning 
  • Generating new information and/or products 
  • Transfer of learning to new/different disciplines, situations 
  • Development of personal growth and sophistication in attitudes, appreciations, feeling, and intuition 
  • • Independence of thought and study 


Testing for the Gifted Reach Out Program 

Parents of 2nd-4th graders interested in having their child tested for the district’s gifted program (GRO) should send a written request no later than April 12, 2019 to their child’s classroom teacher. Testing for those eligible will begin in May/June for entrance into the program beginning September 2019. In conjunction with GRO testing, multiple measures will be considered. Central office will mail home the results during the summer break. 

Students who were previously in a gifted and talented program in another school district are granted admission to the GRO program based upon confirmation of prior enrollment in a gifted program from the student’s former school. 

Bright Child

Knows the answers

Is interested

Is attentive

Has good ideas

Works hard

Answers the questions

Top group

Listens with interest

Learns with ease

6-8 repetitions for mastery

Understands ideas

Enjoys peers

Grasps the meaning

Completes assignments

Is receptive

Copies accurately

Enjoys school

Absorbs information


Good memorizer

Enjoys straightforward, sequential presentation

Is alert

Is pleased with own learning


Gifted Learner

Asks the questions

Is highly curious

Is mentally and physically involved

Has wild, silly ideas

Plays around, yet tests well

Discusses in detail, elaborates

Beyond the group

Shows strong feelings and opinions

Already knows

1-2 repetitions for mastery

Constructs abstractions

Prefers adults

Draws inferences

Initiates projects

Is intense

Creates a new design

Enjoys learning

Manipulates information


Good guesser

Thrives on complexity

Is keenly observant

Is highly self-critical

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